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Optical Filter

Heat Absorption Optical Filter 60mm Diameter


SCHOTT optical glass filter BG-39 50x50 mm square NEW


Optical Filter 330WB80 24.5mm Improved %T and Blocking to Excite Fluorescence


Optical Filter 360WB40 12.5mm Excite Fluorescence High OD Blocking


Edmund Optics Dichroic Shortpass filter 50mm Blue


25 mm dia 676 nm Bandpass Filter (Andover, laser optical, interference, AVLIS


Optical Filter Deep UV Pass, UVC stop, UVA-Visible Pass, UV Photography 50X50 mm


Optical Filter 330WB70 25mm Excite Fluorescence High Transmission 70%


Optical Filter 425DF50 Deep Blue Excitation or Emission 14X14mmSputtered Surface


Optical Filter 510DF20 Green Emission FITC 17mm Omega


Optical Filter 725 Short Pass Filter 18mm dia. Cold Window Feflect 730 to 1200nm


Midwest Optical Midopt Light Near-IR (Infrared) Bandpass Filter BP850-55


Edmund Optic 65-801 Lens Filter Mount M30.5x0.5mm w/IR Red Machine Vision Filter


HOYA optical glass filter Y-44 50x50 mm square NEW


Optical Filter UV and Visible Pass, IR Block for CCD, BGG21, 24.5mmx1mm thick


Newport FH-2 Dual Optical Filter Mount / Holder


Andover 523nm Bandpass Optical Filter FWHM 25mm laser optics 523FS10-25 AM-25495


Optical Filter 520AESP Short Pass for LED Clean-up, 23mm, 95%T Blk to 840nm


29mm Diameter Linear Polarizing Filter Microscope, Optical Devices 2Pcs.


Optical Filter 630BP10 Red Laser or LED 15 mm Ring Mount Omega


Optical Filter 650DF25 11.5 mm Omega Machine Vision


Optical Filter 335WB50 24.5mm Excite Fluorescence Sputtered surface High T


Optical Filter 830nm Long Pass 24.5mm Unmounted Blk UV to 815nm 85%T 1.5mm Thk


Filter Substrate Optical Glass 2X2 inch


Optical Filter UV and Visible Pass, IR Block for CCD, BGG22, 24.5mmx2mm thick


Optical Filter 540DF100 Green Emission 49.3mm


Qty 2 R51A AO Safety American Optical Filter Chemical Cartridges Organic Vapors




Optical Filter 565AELP 25mm Raman/Fluoresence, Omega


Optical Filter Improved Black (UV) Glass 400SP 80% Avg T of UVA