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Dallmeyer Six

Dallmeyer Super-Six 25mm f1.9 & Original box in Excellent Condition


Ex++ DALLMEYER SUPER SIX PROJECTION 38mm f/1.9 modified to Leica M Mount


Dallmeyer Super Six Anastigmat F=5" 125mm f/1.9


Dallmeyer Super Six Anastigmat F=6" 150mm f/1.9 to Hasselblad V for Leica S2 6x6


Schneider Kreuznach Xenotar 6" 150mm f/2.8 Lens


Dallmeyer 3" F1.9 Super Six Lens Anastigmat DC Coated Superb Legendary Lens


Rare! Dallmeyer Super-Six 102mm f1.9 Tested by Sony A7RII .


Dallmeyer Super Six Anastigmat F=2"(50mm F/1.9)Original Leica LTM+Witness Mount


Dallmeyer 2" F1.9 Super Six Lens Anastigmat DC Coated Superb Legendary Lens


Dallmeyer Super Six 38mm f1.9 military lens modified to Sony E mount


Dallmeyer DALLAC RARE Super-Six f/2 f=8.5cm fits M10 Leica M39 orginal 2/85 lens


Ex+ Dallmeyer SUPER SIX Anastigmat 3 inch 75mm f/1.9 modified to LEICA M Mount


Ex+ DALLMEYER SUPER-SIX ANASTIGMAT 8"F2 200mm f/2 Cine Lens Hasselblad V 6x6


Dallmeyer Super-Six 32mm f1.9 Leica M mount #695176


DALLMEYER 2B PETZVAL LENS London PORTRAIT LENS No 17132 Super Six Alternative


Dallmeyer 12mm F1.3 Super Six C mount Lens For Bolex


EX+ Dallmeyer Super Six Anastigmat F=2 1/2" 62mm F/1.9 to Leica M10 M240P M9 M8


Dallmeyer Super-Six Anastigmat 5"F1.9 125mm f/1.9 modified to Hasselblad V 6x6


EX+ DALLMEYER SUPER SIX 76mm F/1.9 modified to Leica M M10p M240 M9


Ex+ Dallmeyer Super Six Anastigmat F=2"(50mm f/1.9)modified to Leica M w/ Caps


*Ex+* Dallmeyer 1.5 inch 38mm f/1.9 Pre Super Six modified to Sony nex E mount


1.9/38 Super-Six (Dallmeyer) Leica M mount. 6 bit


Lens Dallmeyer Super Six 1.9/32mm


Dallmeyer Dallac 85mm f/2 (L) 8.5cm LEICA L39 Super-Six modified to Nikon Mount


Dallmeyer 1inch 1,9 Dall coated Super-Six Anastigmat SHP 53890